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Free Traffic Exchange | High Quality Traffic For Website Owners

Learn how to earn money using Traffic Exchange websites

Earn money with traffic exchange

A traffic exchange is a site where you can get new visitors to your web site in exchange for viewing the sites of other members.
There are many hundreds of traffic exchange sites on the internet and finding the ones that are good can be difficult.
The essence of job on a traffic exchange websites consists in viewing by you of other sites 15-90 sec and for it obtain credits which you can spend for display your site another users, or on display of the banners or text references. This method, along with earnings on paid to click sites, one of many ways to earn money online. To promote your website and start earn money you need to join to autosurf traffic exchange sites. There are two kinds, the conventional ones that provide free traffic and the others that also pay you cash for the websites you view. Start use the best traffic exchange sites and get good results with your free traffic.

I will explain one of the best method to make money from traffic exchange and URL shortener link:First you will need to take your long link(could be any link you want, you do not need to have your own website) and have it shortened by the service you want (, for example).
Then you need a blog. You can create a free blog here:
Next step is to add your short link to that blog like this:

This little script will redirect users to your shortened link after 5 seconds(5000).
The last step is to post your blog URL in traffic exchange websites.